Easily convert your Online Meetings to Skype for Business meetings from other meeting platforms
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Why Skype for Business Meeting Converter?

If your Office 365 license includes Skype for Business Meetings you can safely move away from your existing meeting platform. With an easy to use tool you can convert your existing scheduled and recurring meetings to a Skype for Business meeting including resending email updates with the new information.

Search your CalendarQuickly search your calendar for existing Lync, Skype for Business on-premise, Webex and other meeting types (coming soon).
Easily Convert to Skype for Business MeetingsSelect existing meetings that you want to convert, enter your Skype for Business credentials and select finish and your meetings will be updated with new links and your dial in telephone number
Speed adoptionSave money by speeding up the conversation to the new platform and reducing the complexity of the changeover for your users. End other online meeting subscriptions early and cutover sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request additional online meeting provider conversion support?
    • Yes.  Of course. It is very easy for us to add support for every meeting type.  The easiest way to request an addition is to send us a test meeting invite to support@accesspbx.com  We will be able to review the sample meeting invite and add it to the tool.

  • How much does it cost?
    • Skype for Business Meeting Converter is absolutely free.  We built the tool for the Skype community to encourage adoption and gauge the amount of interest in Skype for development of other tools.  As always, we welcome users to send us feedback and comments.

  • Who should use Skype Meeting Converter?
    • The application is intended for end users who wish to convert existing meetings configured through 3rd party providers into Skype for Business meetings.

  • What is required to run the Skype Meeting Converter?
    • Skype Meeting Converter is Windows application that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business clients.

      The computer running the application must:

      1. Be running Windows 7x or higher
      2. Installed and configured Microsoft Outlook 2007 or higher
      3. Installed and configured Skype for Business client
  • Why do I need to register in order to use the product?
    • We ask users to register in order to receive an email with your activation key for the application and submit questions and feedback to our support team.

  • How to use Skype for Business Meeting Converter?
    • The Skype for Business Meeting Conversion Tool is designed to transform meetings scheduled through 3rd-party providers into Skype for Business meetings.  The following is a short guide on how to use the tool.

      Note: System requirements can be located here

      1. Open the application.
        Welcome Page
      2. Press Next to continue.
        Outlook Account
      3. In the Outlook Account screen, select the appropriate account.  The application will scan the calendar associated with this account for 3rd party meetings.  Press Next to continue.
        Skype for Account
      4. In the Skype for Business Account screen, select the appropriate account.  The application will use this account to create new Skype for Business meetings.  Press Next to continue.
      5. The application will scan the calendar and present a list of meeting that are eligible for conversion.  Select all or specific meetings and press Next to continue.  Note: You may open any of the meeting in Outlook by pressing on the provided link.
        Convert Meetings
      6. Re-confirm that the meetings you selected in the previous screen are shown and press the Convert button.  A green check box is displayed next to the meeting when it is converted. Note: If an error is generated, please use the Feedback button (include the log files) to contact our support team.